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If you haven’t heard, Kev Hannibals “Money and Women Vol.1″ mixtape is burnin up the streets! This is one of the few free mixtape downloads that is worth the space on your hard drive or ipod! free mixtape downloads

free mixtape downloads

free mixtape downloadsYou will be rockin out with Kev from the first song! It would be safe to say that Kev is beyond gifted when it comes to putting together some of the hottest free maxtape downloads on the net.

Let me ask you this… Have you ever been completely dissapointed with a new artist that you spent your precious time to get their free mixtape downloads and you quickly found out that they weren’t worth your dollar, let alone your time?

Well, this won’t happen here! His flow is on fire from verse to verse, song to song!

And as you can see, Kev has been able to leverage the the popularity of free mixtape downloads sites such as Datpiff and the likes to pull himself up to a noticeable stature.

“I am thrilled to have this new mixtape out,” Hannibal said. “I’ve been working hard in the studio on a lot of new stuff and I think people are going to be very happy and very surprised by some of the music on there.”

Hannibal brings a wide range of experiences to his music. He has been lucky to escape the fate of a lot of his friends, who have died as a result of street life. And unlike a lot of other rappers, who talk about being street soldiers, Hannibal has actually been a soldier, having served in the United States Army for a number of years. free mixtape downloads

With all of Kev Hannibals life experience, he has plenty of sick rhymes to lace any track with. Whether it be free mixtape downloads, feature projects, or his solo albums, Kev Hannibal if definitely a force to be reckoned with!


free mixtape downloads

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Why You Won’t Find The Hottest Mixtape Of The Year On Datpiff!

Datpiff is an awesome place for new music, but you have to wonder…

Why You Won’t Find Money & Women Vol. I On Datpiff…

“And why Datpiff is crazy for not promoting this mixtape!”

First of all, what is Datpiff and why is the Hip-Hop scene going CRAZY over it?


One of the premier hotspots for Hip-Hop fanatics to get their latest buzz on some of the new music that is being released is Datpiff. Next to, Datpiff has become a mainstay in the Hip-Hop community with thousands of users all around the world. The potential for exposure on Datpiff is huge, but, you have to know how to leverage such a beast in order to benefit from it’s true potential. This is something that budding MC Kev Hannibal and his marketing team plan to do in 2011.

“Kev Hannibal has a few mixtapes on Datpiff, but it never really gave him the exposure he needed until now…”

Knowing how to leverage the internet to gain exposure for his music was something that Kev knew he had to do but never really knew how to go about doing it. This is where the guys over at Strike2Entertainment came in. They saw that websites like Datpiff were gaining massive amounts of exposure within the Hip-Hop community and decided to jump at it.

One of the keys to Kev Hannibals marketing success has been people who love good music and are always looking for something fresh. These people can be found on Datpiff every single day searching high and low for the next best thing. And with Google reporting that Datpiff gets a remarkable 300,000+ searches a month, it’s no wonder that Kev Hannibals team decided NOT to host his newest mixtape “Money & Women Vol. I” on the site.

“Datpiff has a massive amount of search volume on Google, so we decided to leverage that instead…”

And why not, right? Instead of people having to search through the masses to find Kev Hannibals mixtapes, he has now positioned himself in the rankings of Google for everyone who is looking for music on Datpiff. This is a remarkable advancement in marketing a recording artist, and is an amazing thing for consumers who are looking for a better musical experience.

You can download Kev Hannibals mixtape “Money & Women Vol. I” here now! Do this before you spend hours of your time on Datpiff trying to find this wonderful piece of hip hop mastery!

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Stop Or Keep Goin’ Video


There have been times in my career that I have TRULY wanted to just walk away from the whole music life. But something just won’t let me do it… Maybe it’s God… Maybe it’s my passion for music that kicks into overdrive when I hear a hot track… Either way, no matter how frustrated I get with this industry I can’t walk away…

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