The Game Australia “Jesus Piece” Tour ReCap


First & Foremost I would like to give a major shout out to all the people in Wollongong Australia That showed love. My team delivered a crazy performance the energy was on 1000 I couldn’t ask or more. I will say i was a little disturbed by the unprofessionalism, BS & Negative energy from the sound man as well as promoters of the event But i came to work and i put in over time. The people let me know they loved every minute of my performance, hands was high & the crowd participation was amazing. The Game  & his Black wall street Crew came through and smashed the stage. It was a pleasure to rock the same stage with him. Stay tuned for live footage.



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Kev Hannibal live with the Ying Yang Twins


Check a little bit of Kev Hannibal performing Live as a supporting act for the Atlantas own “Ying Yang Twins” Dirty south tour in Sydney Australia. Handitover Entertainment would like to send a Special thank you to DJ libre, MeMusik, Funk-ink & The 02 lounge

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Kev Hannibal Studio Vlog #5


Kev Hannibal studio Vlog #5 is a continuation of part 4. Kev and kennyon go in on this record titled “WHERE DO I STAND” dealing with issues in relationship i know everyone can relate to this record. Dont take my word for it check it out. I hope you enjoy comment- like- subscribe.

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Kev Hannibal
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Kennyon Brown
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Kev Hannibals new single “Stop or keep Going” is available WorldWide.

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Vlog #3 features Kev Hannibal & Matuse @ SouthWest Entertainment studios working on there untitled mixtape.
These guys give you a sneak peak of a few of the tracks while recording. Take a seat grab your popcorn and watch this movie that they are creating. This project is going to be amazing.

twitter: @kevhannibal
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Youtube: officialmatuse
Instagram: @matuse_ak_geuvara

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