His name alone hits a striking cord. It’s strong, original and hard to forget. Much like his moniker, Kev Hannibal encompasses all of said qualities, adding a blistering heat to the Australian Hip Hop community. The fiercely proud New Yorker has called Sydney home over the last year, Giving himself the nick name Mr NYC TO SYD forging out a new life and music career in the Emerald City and making his mark in the world of Hip Hop.

His story is as powerful as the lyrics he spits, and boy does he spit. Watching Hannibal on stage, in the moment where all an artist needs is one mic, you can see, hear and feel the passion in his music, witnessing a performance that grips the audience and delivers the heat. Not bad for a humble young man from the hard knock streets of Southside Jamaica Queens, a suburb in New York synonymous for its pride, passion and servitude to the Hip Hop lifestyle, message and legacy. Growing up in a childhood plagued with family tragedy (losing his family home in a blazing fire) and being sent to live with his grandmother thereafter, Hannibal has lived enough to pen a bestselling memoir of his experiences to date. Instead he puts pen to rhyme book and lips to mic for his therapy, releasing the demons within to empower his fans and educate his peers.

Kev Hannibal is a guy from South Side Jamaica Queens, NYC who loves to rap, record & perform. Hip hop means everything to me, it is my life, from the air i breathe to the clothes I wear”… 

He has performed support with the likes of hip hop heavyweights The Game, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, Pitbull, Lil Scrappy and The Ying Yang Twins to name a few and is fast becoming a name of stellar recognition as the next ‘big thing’ to emerge in the Australian hip hop community. He wears his badge of honor for Hip Hop like a soldier, a disciplinary nod to his past as a former US Army veteran, Hannibal is trained battle, failure not part of his vocabulary.

“For one my perspective & my music is real. If I haven’t done it, seen it I don’t rap about it. My approach is unique because I tell a story with my music. You can close your eyes & actually see everything I say from start to finish. I’m not all over the place like a lot of other rappers”…

kev hannibal

As an artist he is always ready to bring it and from his recent achievements in the latter part of 2013 are anything to go by, Kev Hannibal is destined to soon be a name in every Australian household. Having come off of a very successful ad campaign for ALDI Food Chain with their Xpressi Coffee Capsule range, a very animated but authentic Hannibal expressed his hip hop flair for his character in the coffee ad and says of the experience It was amazing and very hard i have a new appreciation for acting and it’s become my second love to music’. From bus billboards to national TV, Kev Hannibal is making his presence known. He has successfully secured the introduction song rights to a new ABC hit series called “The Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting” and is putting in work a new EP called I Got Issues and a mixtape titled Salute the Legends, paying respect to the legends in the hip hop game. Add to that an unreleased track he has recorded with US Latin Hip Hop star Pitbull called “Watch for the Haters” and you can see why Kev Hannibal is ahead of his own game.

“The listener motivates me to say consistent because if they know you will bring it on every verse you feature on & every song you drop they will be loyal, support you & Give you your props”.

What is most endearing of Mr. Hannibal is the humility and sense of self he possess, regardless of where he stands on the hip hop ladder. A humility that stood in truth when he scored the 2004 US Billboard Music’s “ New Artist” Showcase winner award and recently took out 2nd Prize in the best Songwriter category in the 2013 Bustalyric Talent Contest in Sydney and helped catapult Hannibal into the broader peripheries of the industry. Attention is garnered as the watchful eyes of an industry glean toward this relatively new artist in the Australian Hip Hop community. However in reality he holds a near decade long game card with a lyrical skill that is unsurpassed, a talent for beguiling storytelling and an in your face delivery, Kev Hannibal is the real in Hip Hop!

For more information or to contact Kev Hannibal please forward enquiries to: handitoverent@gmail.com